Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing your quilt

How Should I Bring My Quilt In?

  • Your quilt should have all the seams pressed flat and be trimmed of all excess threads. Please DO NOT baste your quilt to the batting or backing (this includes safety pinning or spray basting). Keep your quilt top separate from the batting and backing since they'll be rolled separately onto the longarm. 

  • Your backing should be 8 inches longer on the length and 8 inches wider on the width. So if your quilt top measures 50''x50'', your quilt back should measure 58''x58''. If you have a seam on your backing, it's preferable to have the seam going horizontal because it will lay better on the longarm. If you're not sure, I can always piece your backing for you as well. 


How Can I Calculate My Costs?

  • Edge to Edge services are calculated using square inches. To find out your quilt's total square inches, you'll multiply the length times the width. So for example, a twin size quilt that is 70''x90'' is calculated at: ​​​​

  • For other costs that are calculated by linear inches, you'll add the length and width and times it by two. So a twin size quilt (70"x90") that needs double sided machine stitched binding, calculations will look like this:

70" X 90"=6,300 X .02/$126.00​​

(70"+ 90") X 2=320 total linear inches

320 total linear inches X .25/linear inch=$80.00​

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • I accept cash, check, Paypal, and credit/debit card payments.


Do You Do Custom Quilting?

  • Currently accepting custom quilt orders for January 2022 returns. Please specify that you're looking for custom quilting when you request an appointment with me. I also offer semi-custom quilting where your borders are stitched separately from the center of your quilt but the quilt center still gets a pantograph. Custom quilting starts at .08/ and semi-custom starts at .045/ Please be aware that both services cost more than regular edge to edge quilting (.02/ and will take longer to get the final quilt back to you. 

Can I Mail You My Quilt?

  • Absolutely! Contact me first by either phonecall, text, or email, and I can give you my address to ship your quilt. Don't forget to fill out this intake form and send it in your package. Aren't sure about a quilting pattern? I can email you a few options once I've gotten your quilt and we can figure out what will look best. Once the quilt is finished, I'll happily mail it back to you. 

Can I Buy Batting From You?

  • Absolutely! I carry these varieties:

    • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20- 96" wide, costs .25/in

    • Hobbs Heirloom Bleached 100% Cotton- 96" wide, costs .35/in

    • Tuscany Wool- 96" wide, costs .45/in

  • Feel free to bring your own batting as well. Whether it's cotton, wool, poly, bamboo, or recycled batting, I can quilt with whatever you prefer. 

What's the biggest quilt that you can longarm?

  • My machine sits on a 12 foot wide table, so I can easily accommodate a king size quilt. If you're not sure about your quilt size, feel free to contact me and I will happily answer any sizing questions that you have.

Can you make me a custom quilt?

  • I take on commission quilts on a case by case basis. Feel free to send me any inquiries and we can discuss what you have in mind and if I'd be able to make that for you. Please keep in mind the costs of fabric, quilting, and my labor during this process. Thank you!