My Services

I specialize in computerized edge-to-edge quilting and I also offer quilt trimming, binding, and embroidered labels for your quilt. Below is a description of each service and its cost. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can quilt anything from a wall hanging to a king size. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Edge To Edge Quilting

  • An all-over quilting design (pantograph) that is stitched row by row where the pattern nests together to give a beautiful, completed look to your quilt.


  • Most pantographs cost .02/ A denser pattern choice might result in a slightly higher price per square inch. Don't forget to check out the Pattern of the Month!

  • $50 minimum


Semi-Custom & Custom Quilting

  • Semi-Custom: Where the borders of your quilt are quilted separately and the center is quilted using a pantograph. Starts at .045/

  • $125 minimum


  • Custom Quilting: Where every aspect of your quilt (border, inner border, sashing, & blocks) are quilted separately. Starts at .08/

  • $225 minimum

Quilt Binding

Machine Stitched-One Side Only

  • .15/linear inch

  • Binding is made and then machine stitched to the front of the quilt so the customer and can hand stitch it to the back


Machine Stitched-Double Sided

  • .25/linear inch

  • Binding is made and then machine stitched to the back of the quilt. Then the binding is folded over to the front and machine stitched as well. 


Machine Stitched with Flange

  • .35/linear inch

  • Binding is made from two different strips sewn together and then machine stitched to the back of the quilt. Binding is then folded over and machine stitched to the front, stitching along the inside seam of the "flange" piece. 


Hand Stitched Binding

  • .50/linear inch

  • Binding is made and then machine stitched to the front of the quilt. Then the binding is folded over and hand-stitched to the back side. 

Machine Stitched with Flange

Machine Stitched-Double Sided

Other Services


  • .05/linear inch

  • After quilting, I trim off the excess backing and batting and square up your corners, handing you a quilt ready for binding!


Pieced Quilt Backing

  • $20 Flat Fee

  • Forget to piece your backing before dropping off your quilt? I'd be happy to seam it together for you. 


Embroidered Quilt Label

  • $15 Flat Fee + $0.75/character​​

  • Add the finishing touch to your quilt by adding a label so whoever receives it can cherish it even more!

Quilter's Bingo Cards

Every time you bring in an item that matches a square on your bingo card, you get a stamp! Get a whole row, and you can use your card whenever you want to get 20% off your next project. You can only get one stamp per project, even if it qualifies for two squares, so be strategic and pick a square where you think you might finish the row. As always, the center square is a free space and your card never expires so feel free to hang onto it to cash it in on that king size quilt you've been hoping to finish one day. Once you've filled a row, then you must start a new card, and your card can't be combined with the Pattern Of The Month. Happy Quilting!!!